David Atkins (davatkins) wrote,
David Atkins

Relax and Write, prt 2 - Entropy

Insidious and inky black, it crept into the empty spaces between thoughts. It made it's home there, in the proverbial shadows, biding it's time. Not until those thoughts began to form words did it move, but that movement was small. Subtle. It shifted just so, and intent shifted with it. These changes were minor, but the effect was far reaching.

Somewhere, a man opened his mouth to tease his friend playfully, but his words were more sour than he meant them to be. Feelings were hurt. A friendship crumbled.

Another saw a woman in a park, and opened his mouth to flirt with her. His words were awkward and clumsy, and he pressed the issue harder than he ever had before as embarrassment gave way to anger. The seeds of fear were planted, and she never walked that path again.

A young woman grew frustrated as her baby refused, again, to eat for her. His crying grated upon her already frayed nerves. Her thought went to action, and she shoved the high chair back from her and then screamed as it fell over and the crying stopped.

It was the same throughout the city. Philosophy became riddled with bigotry. Political speech slowly turned toward tyranny. Happiness was replaced with anger, and laughter was choked into silence by hateful words.

What of love? What of hope? Perhaps they endured, but none remained who knew where to look for them. It was the end. All was lost.

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