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If you're here to read my 'Dryad Eyes' story, then welcome! Check out the 'Table of Contents' for that story below. It will get you to where you need to be.

Dryad Eyes - Table of Contents

Prologue. It Began With a Boy
The 100 word drabble that kicked it off.

Chapter 1. Dryad Eyes
Somebody was following Treyp as she left the tavern.

Chapter 2. Confrontation
Treyp decided to have a word with her would-be assailants.

Chapter 3. A Dryad Son
A simple slip of the tongue...

Chapter 4. Wounded
Sometimes, cousins must stick together.

Chapter 4.5. Sense of Duty
Supplemental Chapter by Chris: Matthew received a bit of bad news.

Chapter 5. Storytellers
A new plot by Thanik and Haron.

Chatper 6. A Father's Love
Somebody unexpected came to see her.

Chapter 7. Just Friends
Out of the blue, Haron approached an old friend.

Chapter 8. Planting the Seeds
Friends, Enemies and Lovers.

Chapter 9. Bitter Fruit
Bawo bore bad news for Haron.

Chapter 9.5. Web of Lives
Supplemental Chapter by Kimmy & Amy: A romantic encounter gone wrong.

Chatper 10. She is Awake
Treyp was still alive.

Chapter 11. The Li'Lithuan Girl
There was a new arrival at Keeper's Gateway.

Chapter 12. Building Bridges
Feeling guilty, Charis decided to reach out.

Chapter 12.5. Kimera & Geran
Supplemental Chapter by Kimera: Former lovers discuss the past, present and future.

Chapter 13. The Face of Agani
A living legend stalked the streets of Keeper's Gateway.

Chapter 14. The Lion of Soldaria
Haron sought to put a new piece on the board.

Chapter 14.5. Be sure and check out Amy's story, Call of the Wild, and follow the adventures of the One Eyed General as she departs from Keeper's Gateway! It begins here in Call of the Wild, Part One!

Chapter 14.6. Broken Hearts
Supplemental Chapter by Amy & Wendi: The dark elves, Stella and Cheyne, came to a decision.

Chapter 15. Infection
Treyp was not yet out of the woods.

Chapter 16. Political Leanings
The Kingship was a matter of public interest.

Chapter 17. Beatrice the Apothecary
Charis was following up on Lithia's story...

Chapter 17.5. A Healer's Work
Supplemental Chapter by Kimmy:After taking care of Charis, Kimera had something to show Geran.

Chapter 18. The King's Attention
Geran paid Haron a courtesy call.

Chapter 18.5 Dragon Child
Supplemental Chapter by Kimmmy:A look at Kimera in a private moment.

Chapter 19. Taming the Lion
Orun's arrival at Keeper's Gateway.

Chapter 20. No More Secrets
Charis finally put two-and-two together.

Chapter 21. The Great Escape
Lithia wanted nothing more than her freedom.

Chapter 21.5. Information
Supplemental Chapter by Chris: Lithia had a story for Matthew.

Chapter 22. Catalyst
Treyp was awake, and not in the best of moods.

Chapter 22.5. Death Walks at Night
Supplemental Chapter by Chris: Matthew was out for revenge.

Chapter 23. Geran's Statement
The King's response to the rumors running through Keeper's gateway.

Chapter 24. Birth of a Demon
Sometimes, they don't stay dead.

Chapter 25. Amandine
Thanik's discovery that not all things are as they seem.

Chapter 26. Tragedy
Haron, Agani, and the final fate of Thanik.

Chapter 27. The Florist
Erek paid a visit to Vy Miegga.

Chapter 28. Visions & Visitations
Treyp discovered something.

Chapter 29. A Cold Day
Geran could not understand Charis' behavior.

Chapter 30. Something Beneath the Surface
The purpose of Keeper's Gateway.

Chapter 31. A Deal with the Devil
Haron was surprised to discover that Erek was... alive?

Chapter 32. Seeking Solace
Amiendyn sought a word with Ytyrra

Chapter 33. Seeking Lithia
Treyp found more than she expected.

Chapter 34. Sisters
Grandfather sent Eyrenya to welcome two very specific visitors...

Chapter 35. Reaching Out
In need of advice and company, Geran sought out a friend...

Chapter 36. Dryad Blood Runs Hot
Treyp's mind began to wander.

Chapter 37. Aftermath
Treyp and Matthew had no idea what they would find...

Chapter 38. Reunion
Ytyrra went to see her son.

Chapter 39. Pride of the Li'Lithuan
Lithia: Captive again.

Chapter 40. How to Murder a Man's Soul
Erek and Charis set up an ambush in the King's chambers.

Chapter 41. Sheltered
Arimus is there for Geran in a dark hour.

Chapter 41.5 Scars that Will Not Heal
Supplemental Chapter by Chris: Ganatal in the aftermath of DE #40.

Chapter 42. Heroes Fall
The downfall of Agani.

Chapter 43. The Games They Play
Haron was down, but not out.

Chapter 44. To Fight a Demon
Erek's activities had finally gotten their attention.

Chapter 45. In the Clearing
Treyp dreamed yet another little dream.

Chatper 46. The Kindness of Strangers
Enter Deredon.

Chatper 47. Shadow Men
Matthew and the Face of Agani.

Chatper 48. Breaking the Battle King
Erek paid Geran a little visit.

Chatper 49. Twice Lost
Treyp learned about Andrek..

Chatper 50. Sorrow
Ytyrra comforted Treyp.

Chatper 51. The Escape
Lithia made a decision.

Chapter 52. Haron's Boon
Asking for a favor.

Chapter 53. Recovery
A Dryad's touch.

Chapter 54. A Brother's Love
Endek confronts Erek.

Chapter 55. The Witch's Den
Investigating the lair of Mistress Alaga.

Chapter 56. Give and Take
Endek pays Haron a visit.

Chapter 57. Remember Thanik
Bawo sees a familiar face.


If you're curious about the Dryad Eyes timeline, or are one of my auspicious co-authors and need a quick reference, look no further. I've mapped the whole thing out here.

Day 1.
-Late evening. Treyp is in a tavern, and is attacked. (Prologue, Dryad Eyes #1, #2)
-Very late evening/extremely early morning the next day. (Dryad Eyes #3, #4)

Day 2.
-Very early morning. (Dryad Eyes #4.5)
-Sunrise-Dusk. (Dryad Eyes #5)
-Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #6)

Day 3.
-Noon to Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #7, #8)
-Very Late evening and Early Morning the next day. (Dryad Eyes #9.)
-Late-Very Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #9.5)

Day 4.
-Early morning. (Dryad eyes #10)
-Late Morning/Early Afternoon. (Dryad eyes #11)
-Late Afternoon/Evening. (Dryad Eyes #12, #12.5)
-Very late evening/Extremely early morning the next day. (Dryad Eyes #13)

Day 5.
-Mid-Morning. (Dryad Eyes #14)
-Early/Mid-morning. (Dryad Eyes #14.5/Call of the wild #1)
-Evening. (Dryad Eyes #14.6)

Day 6, 7, 8.
-All. (Dryad Eyes #15)
-Late evening, Day 8. (Dryad Eyes #16, #17, #17.5)

Day 9.
-Mid-morning. (Dryad Eyes #18)
-Mid-afternoon. (Dryad eyes #18.5)

Day 13.
-Noon/Mid-Afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #19)

Day 14.
-Noon/Mid-Afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #20)
-Mid-Afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #21)
-Evening. (Dryad Eyes #21.5)

Day 15.
-Evening. (Dryad Eyes #22)
-Late Night. (Dryad Eyes #22.5)

Day 16.
-Mid-afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #23)

Day 18.
-Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #24)

Day 19.
-Mid-day. (Dryad Eyes#25).
-Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #26, first part)

Day 20.
-Early Morning. (Dryad Eyes #26, middle)
-Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #26, last.)
-Late evening. (Dryad Eyes #27)

Day 21.
-Late Afternoon/Evening (Dryad Eyes #28)

Day 22.
-Late morning. (Dryad Eyes #29)
-Evening. (Dryad Eyes #31)

Dryad Eyes #30 - No Specific date.

Day 23.
-Morning. (Dryad Eyes #32, Dryad Eyes #33)
-Noon. (Dryad Eyes #34)
-Night. (Dryad Eyes #35, #36)
-Very late evening/Extremely Early morning. (Dryad Eyes #37)

Day 24.
-Morning/Mid-Morning. (Dryad Eyes #38. #39)
-Early Afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #40)
-Mid-Afternoon - Late evening(#42). (Dryad Eyes #41, #41.5, #42, #43)
-Late Evening. (Dryad Eyes #44, #45)

Day 25.
-Late Morning/Noon. (Dryad Eyes #46, #47, #48)
-Early Afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #49, #50)
-Afternoon. (Dryad Eyes #51, #52)
-Evening. (Dryad Eyes #53)
-Night. (Dryad Eyes #54, #55)

Day 26.
-Morning. (Dryad Eyes #56)
-Mid-Day. (Dryad Eyes #57)

"All fiction is a subset of fantasy. Think about it this way: What we now consider 'fantasy' is the original whole from which all literature is distilled, starting with the Epic of Gilgamesh, running through the Iliad, and Odyssey, the Bible, Beowulf, the Bhagavad-Ghita... Examples are found in every culture. Every other genre (I should say: every SUBgenre) is defined by eliminating fantastic elements: by carving away the gods, fate, magic, whatever. 'Fantasy' is what we call a novel that partakes of the whole of the human literary heritage. So, yeah. I’m a fantasy writer. It was good enough for Homer, and it’s good enough for me."
-Matthew Woodring Stover

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